8 Best Single Door Fridges in Kenya 2020 – Review and Guide

Single door fridges are popular due to their low budget and convenience. If you’re a small household or office this works for you. They are also energy efficient compared to double door and have enough capacity to store all your food items.

With that said, single door refrigerators do not compare to double door fridges and are quickly being faced out in favour of the latter due to factors such as:

  1. Direct Cool vs Frost Free – Maybe the main difference between the two would be their method of cooling. The direct cool method cools the air through convection while frost free uses electric fans for cooling this method ensures even and consistent cooling compared to direct cool.
  2. Cost – Double door fridges are getting cheaper and more affordable at a fast pace and have started phasing out the single door fridges.
  3. Defrost – When it comes to defrosting which is the processing of removing ice from the freezer. Double door fridges do this automatically whereas defrosting has to be done manually on single door refrigerators.

  On the other hand, single door refrigerators have their purpose and place in our lives. Here, we have reviewed and compiled the best single door fridges you can find in Kenya.

1. Ramtons RF/246, Single Door Fridge, 90L

Ramtons RF/246, Single Door Fridge, 90L-BlueThis 90L Ramtons fridge is probably one of the best if not the best single door fridge in the market in terms of functionality period. It has a simple functional design that just works. If you like your vegetables cold and crisp this model has enough room in the crisper drawer to store all your essential veggies.

The fridge is also environmental conscious and is CFC free. CFC is a material used in refrigerators for cooling that is extremely harmful to the ozone layer.

The door of the fridge has a can holder, egg shelf, and two shelves with sufficient space for your short and tall beverages.

This model is 24kg in weight and 45 * 50 * 79 cm (L * W * H) in size hence doesn’t occupy too much space.


2. Ramtons RF/215 - 1 Door Fridge 90 Litres

Ramtons RF/215 - 1 Door Fridge 90 Litres - SilverThe Ramtons RF/215 single door fridge is an elegant, silver, 90L model that will definitely stand out where you put it.

This model also comes with a spacious vegetable compartment to store, cool and keep fresh all your important veggies.

This unit comes with a lock and key to protect children from any unnecessary accidents or safeguard your food items from mafisi.

The fridge measures 45 * 50 * 79 cm in length, width and height respectively and weighs 24kg.

The interior is built of white food grade heavy plastic that makes it easy to clean and maintain hygiene.

It comes with a built-in temperature control enabling you to adjust the temperature to your liking from time to time.

3. Ramtons RF/214- 1 Door Fridge - 90 Litres

Ramtons RF/214- 1 Door Fridge - 90 Litres - WhiteThis elegant unit can store up to 86 liters in food volume. It comes with wire trays that can divide the fridge into three compartments plus the crisper drawer for all your vegetables.

This fridge as most other single door fridges comes with a temperature control knob to control the temperature in the fridge this can be regulated from cold to very cold.

The shelf on the top of the door has a can holder if you prefer using the fridge as a mini bar, this allows the cans to maintain even coolness due to the side walls holding the can in place.

Convenient recessed handle for opening and closing the fridge although can get stuck from time to time and may take a bit of time to open the fridge.

In terms of weight this unit weighs 24kg and is 45 * 50 * 79 in L * W * H.

4. VON VARM-11DHW Mini Fridge 90L - White

VON VARM-11DHW Mini Fridge 90L - WhiteHotpoint a company based in the UK and a subsidiary of Whirlpool Cooperation has been a leader in stylish, intelligent appliances that have continued serving our daily lives.

With this particular 90L model, Von has done a great job in innovating an elegant white fridge with adjustable glass shelf racks to suit your storage needs from time to time.

It comes with a sizable vegetable compartment always make sure not to overfill or under fill the vegetables so to ensure pro-longed freshness and preservation.

This beautiful unit comes with a lock and key to keep the children or if you’re like me to keep the food safe.

If you’re like me and would like to keep your meats completely frozen, the freezer compartment comes with a flap lid that allows you to fill your items and close the lid to ensure solid freezing.

5. VON VARS-24DGS Single Door - 185L

VON VARS-24DGS Single Door Fridge - 185L - SilverIf you’re looking for elegance and a fridge that dramatically increases the ambiance of the room this is it.

Von yet again has delivered on stylish innovation with this single door fridge.

To make it even better it comes with an in-built wide voltage range that doubles up as a surge protector, this ensures maximum protection for your beautiful fridge from all electrical faults.

Unlike your normal single door fridges, this model comes with both a recessed handle and a door handle for opening and closing the fridge. This is convenient and the door rarely gets stuck while opening.

The interior of the fridge is appealing. It’s fitted with an elegant white finish, tempered glass shelves which are stronger, more durable and less prone to cracking and breaking not to mention easy to clean.

The shelves of the door are uniquely compartmentalized to separate your items as you see fit also included is an egg and ice tray.

6. Mika MRDCS50GLD - Single Door Refrigerator - 92L - Gold

Mika MRDCS50GLD - Single Door Refrigerator - 92L - GoldMIKA never disappoints with their high innovation and stylish designs.

This stylish single door fridge model comes in a sleek gold colour. It’s equipped with thick thermal insulation to ensure rapid cooling of food stuffs while consuming minimal energy.

A tightly sealed vegetable drawer that keeps moisture from escaping when humidity levels are low and releases excess moisture when humidity levels are high this ensures your vegetables stay fresh and crisp for extended periods.

Furthermore, it has a lock and key to ensure safety at all times.

8.VON HRD-261S/VARS-26DGS - 210L - Silver

VON HRD-261S/VARS-26DGS Single Door Fridge - 210L - SilverOne of the features that stands out in this impeccably designed Von single door fridge is the Aroma Lock technology.

This feature locks the freshness of your food, along with its aroma, so your food remains fresh for a long period of time.

The fridge comes with a solid 210L storage capacity that easily fit your food or drinks needs.
The design is extremely stylish, unique and will definitely stand out wherever it’s placed. It would make for a beautiful mini bar at your bachelor pad or the office.

The door shelves are compartmentalized in a way that can store your normal snacks alongside smaller compartments for items such as medicine or chocolate.

The freezer is huge and when properly stuffed can fit substantial amounts of food items while keeping them all well frozen.

It has three toughened glass shelves and a humidity controlled vegetable box that regulates humidity in order for your vegetables to remain crisp and last longer.


Single door fridges remain crucial today whether it’s for those who are starting out and are buying their first fridge or you have an office and need to chill some snacks or food items or a mini bar for your home/ office.

Either way a single door refrigerator is a handy piece of technology that still plays a trivial role in our lives.

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