Top 5 Websites to Download Free Courses

As Kenyans, we have been massively let down by our leaders time and time again. Couple that with the ongoing pandemic, a lot of Kenyans especially the youth are in a hard place, filled with hopelessness and despair. But, Kenyans always persevere and match on.

This article compliments our previous article, how to make money online, here you’ll develop the skills required to make money online in Kenya.
With that said, I realized it would be important to share this article with you. Especially those out of work and stuck at home.

Here, you’ll find 5 important websites where you can download any imaginable course for free. Courses from Udemy, CBTNuggets, Coursera e.t.c are listed on these websites for absolutely free. You’ll download the courses via torrents, if you don’t know how to download torrents follow this guide here.

The goal of this article is to help you learn new marketable skills during this time that will give you hope and a future in your next job hunt or freelance gig.

1. Freecoursesite.com – One of my favourites that I personally use quite frequently. It’s well updated and mainly useful for technology courses. From programming, web development, cloud, data science e.t.c.
2. academictorrents.com – This is for the scientists. The website is quite useful for free courses, scientific papers and scientific datasets.
3. freecoursenow.com – Yet another useful website to download free courses from various websites. What stands out on freecoursenow.com compared to the others is it’s classification of topics to help you narrow down or give you ideas on what to look for.
4. Courseclub.me – If in any case the above websites didn’t have what you’re looking for , course club should supplement the need although highly focused on technology courses.
5. Coursesdaddy.com – Last but not least, coursesdaddy, is a good supplement for the other mentioned sites and in case you don’t find what you’re looking for in the previous sites coursesdaddy won’t let you down.

You can take it upon yourself to learn new skills through these free courses that will change your future since as young Kenyans we know we have no one else to rely on.
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