Best Water Dispensers in Kenya 2020 | Review

    As the world advances and technology has become part of our daily lives for the convenience, efficiency, and safety it brings. Water being equal to life we have of course tapped into technology to improve how we consume water in our daily lives. Water dispensers come in different forms, price, and sizes such as:

  • table-top water dispensers which are cheap and convenient for their use
  • free-standing water dispensers
  • hot and normal dispensers which provide heated hot water and normal room temperature water
  • hot and cold dispensers (both heated hot water and cold water )
  • hot, normal and cold
  • water dispensers with a fridge

1. Ramtons RM/429 - Hot & Normal Water Dispenser + Stand

Ramtons RM/429 - Hot & Normal Water Dispenser + Stand – White

Ramtons is one of the world’s most consistent, durable, and efficient appliance manufacturers.

If you’re looking for a durable, out of the box water dispenser that is cheap and just works this is for you. No fancy features, the design is not bad and not the best either, no cold water just hot and normal. Additionally, It’s equipped with a stainless steel inner tank for easy cleaning, and consist clean and pure water.

2. Mika MWD2404/SBL - Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Mika MWD2404/SBL - Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Mika has built its reputation as a high-quality and affordable appliance manufacturer. Having set up shop in 2011, the brand has done an astounding job at building trust in the Kenyan market and continues to innovate every day.

This is a top of the line water dispenser with essential features to meet your daily drinking water needs. First and foremost it is visually appealing and will drastically increase the rooms’ aesthetics, has hands free taps for the hygiene conscious while increasing ease of use.

Water dispensers are generally power consumers, consuming up to 1.2kw of power every day. With this dispenser and generally most MIKA products, energy efficiency has been factored in while simultaneously lowering your heating and cooling times. Height wise, it’s not as high as your standard free-standing dispenser. At the bottom is a spacious storage cabinet for your to-go items like cups, snacks, bottles e.t.c.

3. Mika MWD2302/SBL - Water Dispenser, Hot & Normal

Mika MWD2302/SBL-Water Dispenser, Hot & Electric Cool-Silver&Black

If you’re looking for the best, affordable, modern water dispenser look no further this is your answer. 

With 1 year warranty, it has both hot & cold function, it’s best applicable in a family home with little kids or a hospital/office where children frequent since it’s equipped with a child lock. 

The stainless steel hot tank capacity weighs in at 0.7L while the cold tank capacity is 2.8L which is sufficient for a family or an office. It has a sleek, compact design hence is incredibly appealing and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s built using the strong food-grade ABS material which also allows for easy cleaning.

4. Ramtons RM/576 - Hot & Normal Water Dispenser + Stand - Silver

Ramtons RM/576 - Hot & Normal Water Dispenser + Stand - Silver

Ramtons with its high quality, functionality and durability have once again offered us a solid product. This water dispenser is a hot & normal with instant heating. 

Its silver in colour and finished with a stylish design. The design is elegant suitable for a home setting and professional suitable for an office or any other professional setting. It comes with a spacious storage cabinet with two compartments that can fit several items easily.

5. VON VADA2304Y Bottom Loading Water Dispenser With Comp. Cooling

VADA2304Y Bottom Loading Water Dispenser With Comp. Cooling

Von by Hotpoint lives up to the reputation of Hotpoint products stylish and intelligent.

This model has an elegant finish that would dramatically increase the aesthetics of the room. It has three taps for hot, normal and cold water. The water is served through bottom loading by  placing the water bottle in the cabinet below then the water is pumped to the stainless tanks ready for drinking.

6. Macro Table Top Water Dispenser Hot & Normal Basic - White.

Macro Table Top Water Dispenser Hot & Normal Basic - White.

When it comes to portability and convenience, the table top water dispenser by Macro is your best shot. It’s hot and normal with instant heating. Its portability allows for easy convenience when it comes to operating it. It can easily carry your 20L water jerrycan.

7. Sayona Hot and cold Water Dispenser - SWD-2294 – Silver

Sayona Hot and cold Water Dispenser - SWD-2294 – Silver

Sayona Electronics was started in 1992 in Dubai in the UAE. Over the years, it has grown to be a global household name for its excellence in design, price and innovation.

This Sayona water dispenser comes with both hot and cold water features. It’s equipped with a child lock to protect children from the hot water when heated. Furthermore, it has a self-supporting, stylish design that stands out wherever it’s placed. 

Sayona also focuses on efficiency when it comes to electricity consumption this dispenser is a testament to that. Besides its great price, it comes with a 1 year warranty as a guarantee of its value to you.

8. Ramtons RM/555- Hot & Cold Water Dispenser @ Ksh. 13, 400

Ramtons RM/555- Hot & Cold Water Dispenser- White

Yet another Ramtons dispenser has made it to the list for no other reason other than its reliability and consistency.

This particular one is hot & cold, with a compact design that doesn’t take a lot of space. It comes with a spacious storage compartment for your everyday items. Beautiful LED lights to indicate when the water is hot, normal or cold for consumption.

9. Bruhm 1196R Hot, Normal & Cold Water Dispenser With Fridge

Bruhm BWD HNC 1196R Hot, Normal & Cold Water Dispenser With Fridge

Have you ever thought of having a fridge within your water dispenser to store your to go items. A dispenser that not only cools your water but also cools your soda or beer.

This Bruhm does this for you. It additionally allows for easy cleaning hence spillages within the fridge do not end up smelling. It has a sleek design that comes in black or gold hence doubling as a dispenser and a room décor. Additionally, it has a cup holder that holds up to 10 cups of water at a go. It comes with a 1 year warranty. And a great price compared to its functionality.

10. Nunix R5 Hot & Normal Cold Free Standing Water Dispenser

Nunix Hot and Normal Cold Free Standing Water Dispenser-White R5

Nunix is a Chinese appliance manufacturer. They offer affordable, innovative and durable appliances.

Last but not least Nunix from China have presented us with a well designed hot & normal water dispenser. It comes with leakage protection and can heat up to 5L of water/hr. It has touch free taps, LED lights to signal when the water is hot. Also comes with a one year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are water dispensers expensive?

Initially, buying a water dispenser seems costly especially if it has functionalities such as hot & cold water or a refrigerator. But in the long run, it will save you money compared to bottled water either at home or at the office.

Do water dispensers come with a filter?

No, most dispensers don’t come with a filtration system. However, they are designed to keep water pure by storing in stainless steel tanks and transport water through silicon pipes from the tanks to the taps to retain purity.

Should I clean my water dispenser?

Yes, the water dispensers listed here are built using materials such as ABS that are easy-to-clean and scratch proof.

How often should I clean my water dispenser?

Preferably, every 6 – 8 weeks.

Do water dispensers consume a lot of electricity?

Unfortunately, yes, due to heating up and cooling water. We have listed energy efficient dispensers in the review to lower your electricity costs.

Are water dispensers safe for children?

Some water dispensers as mentioned in the review come with a child safety lock to prevent hot water from causing injuries to children.


In this day and age a water dispenser is indispensible(see what I did there). Because of it’s convenience, versatility and water protection. Although most dispensers don’t filter water we encourage you to look at our review of 4 best water purification dispensers in Kenya if you’re interested in a filter.

Furthermore, water dispensers have become a necessity in our homes, offices, schools, and hospitals for our everyday water needs.

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