8 Best Microwave Ovens in Kenya 2023 | Review

Microwaves are important appliances in our kitchens like never before. We have come to embrace the comfort that a microwave brings in our daily lives.

Most of us can’t imagine having to wait for minutes or hours for the chicken to defrost yet you just got home and need to prepare dinner asap.

Some of us have grown fond of the variety of meals and snacks we can throw in the microwave and put together in minutes.

Let’s keep it simple and embrace the basic function of this wonderful appliance which is to heat/warm our food hassle free.

Here, we have taken the time to compile a list of microwave ovens that serve different purposes to different users:

1. Bruhm BMO 930AC Microwave With Grill & Convection - 30L

Bruhm BMO 930AC Microwave With Grill & Convection - 30L - SilverThis is a big microwave that would be typical for a family. The important feature about this microwave is it heats by convection.

This means it uses hot air to heat your food which ensures your food is heated evenly and because it cooks from the inside out it retains flavor compared to using micro waves that only heat particular sections of your food.

The auto-cook feature, which has pre-set methods to cook different types of foods at the push of a button, is very accurate for example just put your fish in the microwave and select the auto cook button for fish and watch it get cooked to perfection.

Besides auto cooking, the microwave is capable of baking and grilling. Don’t be shy in baking your mug chocolate cakes or some nice cookies.

This elegant Bruhm microwave comes with a child safety lock as you know microwave can be dangerous to children, this model ensures you keep them safe.

Energy saving should be a priority to all of us, not only because it saves money but also the planet.

This model comes equipped with an eco button that when pushed saves standby power and overall power by 40%.

2. Mika MMW2052D/S - Microwave Oven - 20L

Mika MMW2052D/S - Microwave Oven With Digital Control Panel - 20LWhen it comes to convenience this microwave takes it up a notch. With its’ one touch pre-set buttons, making popcorn or a hot cup of drinking chocolate is a touch away.

Besides the pre-set buttons, the microwave has programmed cooking where you set it manually on how to cook certain foods for you so that next time instead of setting it again you just select the option of cooking that particular food.

The microwave overall has been designed for simplicity, complicated procedures have been reduced down to simple pre-set functions ready to go at a press of a button.

3. Bruhm BMO-925EG - Digital Microwave With Grill - 25L – Silver

Bruhm BMO-925EG - Digital Microwave Oven With Grill - 25L - SilverThis model is also quite sufficient for a family and can fit most utensils in there. It comes with a grill to easily grill your yummy chicken recipes, sandwiches and potatoes.

It has a beautiful silver finish and will definitely increase the aesthetics of your kitchen. It’s digital 99 min timer means you can fully cook meals from scratch if you choose not to use the pre-set options for cooking different types of food.
Also, you can quickly defrost your food items by weight or time, just input the weight of the meat for example as indicated in the packaging and it will instantly start thawing.

4. Mika MMW2011/W - Microwave, 20L, Manual - White & Black

Mika MMW2011/W - Microwave, 20L, Manual - White & BlackThis is a classic manual microwave that has the old school vibe and would make an astounding décor in your kitchen.

The knob controls are timeless and are used to control the power and timer. The timer option can be used to defrost according to the weight of the food item and also set the time the food should be reheated/ cooked for.

It has a glass turntable and is all white inside this makes it easy to clean and maintain cleanliness throughout.

5. Ramtons RM/458 - Digital Glass Microwave, 700W - 20L

Mika MMW2011/W - Microwave, 20L, Manual - White & BlackThis microwave is a true beauty graced with an elegant design from the digital keypad to the door handle and the black colour itself.

The knob at the bottom when turned right will trigger the auto menu which has eight different pre-set options for different foods.

When turned left, you can set the timer from 90min going down useful when defrosting.

You can also choose to set your timer program your own timer fin the case you want your food to be cooked in a specific way.

Besides not being able to grill, this is a microwave that will give you value for money.

6. VON VAMS-20MGX - Manual Microwave Oven, Solo - 20L - Black

This is an affordable straight to the point microwave that has exactly the basic features you need. It has two knobs decorated with a black and silver finish that make them stand out. They are used for power and timer.

The power knob has 6 power levels that can be used to regulate heat from low to high with an option of defrosting.

The time selector knob on the other hand can be used to select heating time of up to 30 min sufficient for warming food.

7. Samsung 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC32K7055CK

Samsung 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC32K7055CK)If you’re the type of person that values class, convenience and simplicity to a fault while simultaneously having made it in life this is for you.

Amazingly, this master piece is a microwave, air fryer, and oven cooker all rolled into one.

The door signifies this by opening like an oven. The 32L capacity is gigantic enough to cook a standard large pizza in it, to perfection.

Samsung innovated new trademarked technologies with this microwave for example:

  1. Slim Fry™
    This is the technology that transforms your microwave to an air fryer. What makes it even better is it combines warm air circulation with its inbuilt grill so food is cooked crispy inside and out with a teaspoon of oil. Recipes you can experiment with this technology are crispy wings, fries, and dried fruit snacks.
  2. Hot Blast ™
    Standard microwaves take time to cook, with this technology; hot air is blown through multiple holes so food is crispy on the outside and juicy inside. This method not only saves you time but is very healthy.
  3. Fermentation
    For those of you that adore fermented foods this appliance has your back. With this function you can easily and quickly make tasty homemade yoghurts from scratch, bread and cakes.

What more could you wish for.

8. LG MH8265CIS - 42L NeoChef INVERTER Gril Microwave Oven

LG MH8265CIS - 42L NeoChef INVERTER Gril Microwave Oven - Stainless SteelLG have once again outdone themselves with this sleek, ultra-modern appliance.

Besides it’s colossal capacity, this model is jam packed with features that would make your life incredibly comfortable and finally get you that girl you’ve been eyeing.

The feature that immediately stands out is the 16 auto cook menus:

4 Arabic dishes: kafta, rice pudding, grape leaf, kabsa
4 European dishes: potato gratin, ratatouille, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed zucchini)
4 continental dishes: bobotie, braai steak and bobotie
4 oriental dishes: vegetable biryani, dal takda, chicken curry, chicken tikka

I mean what else in the world would you ask for? The dishes all come with clear instructions and recipes to guide you in preparing them.

Besides the auto cook menu which is mind blowing in itself. LG decided its not enough let’s add this:
5 roast menus: lamb roast, chicken roast, roast beef, jacket potato
7 defrost and cook functions: frozen pizza(thick/ thin), salmon fillets, frozen lasagna, cheese sticks, baguette/croissant.
Still not enough, LG decided to add:
Ferment function – make delicious homemade yoghurt
Melt function – melt some butter, cheese or chocolate
Soften function – soften some butter, cream cheese or ice cream.

If not yet convinced, watch this:

Main Factors to Consider when Buying a Microwave

  1. Price
    Microwave ovens vary widely in price depending on several factors such as:
    1. Functionality
    2. Method of heating
    3. Size
    4. Brand
    It’s advisable to look at these factors that influence price and decide which are important to you then align them with your budget to effectively narrow down your purchase.
  2. Functionality
    This is highly depends on what you’ll cook. If you’re the adventurous type and like to push the limits of your appliance by experimenting on cooking/baking entire meals, you need to find a microwave that meets those desires.On the other hand, if you’re a simple user and just want to defrost / heat your food or occasionally feel adventurous and pop some popcorn then you won’t need fancy features, so why pay for them.Safety and ease of use are important features to keep in mind in case of kids in the house.
  3. Features
    Many people are not aware until they start shopping for a microwave that they are packed with features. Microwaves have evolved to perform mind blowing tasks here are some:
    i. Auto cook: Tell the appliance what you’re cooking, place the food inside and press “start”.
    ii. Convection ovens: A convection microwave warms food by passing hot air around it compared to the traditional micro waves method. The convection method in microwaves not only warms the food, it’s a healthier alternative and besides food can also brown food, cook food or even better make food crispier.
    iii. Programmable cooking: Lets you manually set power output and timing for complete control.
    iv. Sensor cooking: It measures the moisture in the food then adjusts the humidity inside accordingly so to cook the food.
  4.  Size – Microwave ovens come in a variety of sizes, the most standard being 20L – 30L.

A 20L – 25L microwave is ideal for a small household of 1-3 people while a 30L is best for a family. Depending on how you use the appliance be sure to check the size compared to the number of people in your household.

How to Easily Clean your Microwave

Due to the crucial job this convenient appliance does in our lives it is quite important we keep it sparkling clean at all times.

Due to the quick heating action, it’s quite easy for foods and liquid to bubble over their container and spill in the microwave or even worse splatter everywhere inside.

A good rule of thumb is to always wipe down spills as they occur, this is crucial to prevent constant “baking” of the spills that could make them harder to remove or even cause cross-over odours.

  1.  Clean with Lemon/Vinegar Solution
    Take a microwave friendly cup or container and fill it water, then add slices of lemon inside the cup. Alternatively, take a cup fill with water and another cup filled with vinegar. Place the cup(s) inside the microwave and heat thoroughly until the interior is full of steam.Switch off the oven, wait for five minutes before opening the door. Remove the cup(s) then wipe down the inside with a kitchen sponge or cloth.
  2.  For Tough Stains
    Sprinkle some baking soda on the stains, it will foam, when the foaming has subsided, use a kitchen sponge to wipe away the food and stains.

Clean the rest of the microwave interior and exterior with a cloth dipped in a solution of warm water and dish washing soap.

1. Can you cook food in the microwave?

Yes, microwave ovens can cook a wide variety of foods from scratch e.g rice, noodles, pudding, and scrambled egg e.t.c.

2. Do microwaves cause cancer?
Microwave ovens heat food using microwave radiation causing the water molecules in the food to vibrate in turn heating the food this doesn’t mean the food becomes radioactive.

3. Does a microwave consume a lot of electricity?
Cooking/heating or baking with a microwave is probably the most energy efficient way of preparing food compared to other appliances found in the kitchen.

4. Can children use a microwave?
Its generally advisable to keep children under the age of 10 away from the microwave to avoid a barrage of problems. Also, always closely examine a child’s food that was heated by a microwave to avoid uneven heating that could burn the kids’ mouth.


A microwave oven that fits your budget and requirements evenly can as well save your life. Once you get used to the convenience of this handy appliance there is no going back.

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