7 Best Water Dispensers under Ksh. 5,000

It comes a time when all you need is a water dispenser that can pour water and maybe heat it a bit for that instant coffee or drinking chocolate, you’re not looking kutoboka sana on a dispenser. Well, we got you.

1. Mika MWD1204/SBL - Hot&Normal Water Dispenser - Silver/Black

Mika MWD1204/SBL - Hot & Normal Water Dispenser - Silver & BlackThis is a beautifully designed table top dispenser that not only will serve you well but will also increase the aesthetics of the room it’s placed in.

It has a great texture fitted with top of the line taps and a one year guarantee.

The tank is stainless steel to retain water purity.

This is the one for you.

2. Ramtons RM/418 - TableTop Dispenser Hot&Normal Basic - White

Ramtons RM/418 - Table Top Dispenser Hot & Normal Basic - WhiteAs always Ramtons have some of the most consistent, durable and quality products in the market. This dispenser is no exception.

Mali safi for your home, office or school. Its fitted with electricity leakage protection and a 1 year guarantee.

3. Generic Home-Electric Water Dispenser

Generic Home-Electric Water DispenserThis is an innovative water dispenser that is cheap and does the job. Besides just dispensing normal temperature water it can also heat.

This is done by charging the device for 3 – 4 hours until it’s fully charged then inserting the nozzle in your water bottle and you’re good to go.
This is what I started with siku za bedsitter and it served me well :).

4. VON HWDC1000B -Hot&Normal -Table Top Water Dispenser

VON HWDC1000B/VADC1100B-Hot&Normal -Table Top Water DispenserVON by Hotpoint have over the years built trust through innovation.

This portable, convenient and stylish black water dispenser is the right fit for you and your home or office.

Whether you want some nice normal temperature to quench your thirst or some nice hot cup of tea this will do for you.

5. Nunix Table Top Hot And Cold Water Dispenser

Nunix Table Top Hot And Cold Water DispenserThis simple and stylish dispenser is the only one that comes with touch free taps which are hygienic and simple to use.

It’s fitted with LED lights to signal when the water is hot & ready. Although a bit costly.

6. Lyons Hot And Normal Water Dispenser-White

Lyons Hot And Normal Water Dispenser-WhiteIf you’re looking for an energy efficient, easy to use table top dispenser this is it. It has a simple and elegant design that looks good anywhere you put it.

Has a one year guarantee to serve you well and safely. Great price too.

7. Ramtons RM/443 - Table Top Water Dispenser - White.

Ramtons RM/443 - Table Top Water Dispenser - WhiteYes another Ramtons has made it to the list. This hot and normal dispenser will make you hot water and normal room temperature water.

It will let you know when the water is ready through its LED lights and has durable taps for your hot water and a separate one for your normal water. Guaranteed service for a year.

For those of us who favor convenience, portability and cost the table top water dispensers mentioned here are good to go and will serve you well.

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