4 Best Water Purification Dispensers in Kenya 2020 | Review

Water purification systems come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the type of water you wish to filter since different types of water contain different types of sediments, minerals and organisms.

Hence, it is advisable to have a water test done to determine the most appropriate purification system for you.

In this case, we have focused on Gravity Water Purification Dispensers. This type of water filters are affordable compared to other sophisticated purification systems and still get the job done.

What to Consider when buying a water filter dispenser:

1. Water Capacity

This refers to the capacity the purifier can hold at a given time to avoid the hassle of constant refilling, good purifiers come with a capacity of at least 20 liters.

2. Water Filter Cartridge

The cartridge is responsible for purifying your water and should be changed from time to time depending on your water quality and drinking frequency.

1. Ramtons RM/393 - Forbes AEON 4000Lts Purifier - White/ Green

Eureka Forbes is an Indian company founded in 1982 and deals with various products, main one being water purification systems which have gone on to win various awards hence solidifying a top position in the water filtration industry.

Ramtons collaborated with Eureka Forbes to innovate top-tier, affordable and simple to use(compared to other filtration systems) water purification dispensers such as this model.

It has a stylish, modern design that immediately stands out in the room its’ placed in. It uses contact disinfectant technology to purify water killing 99% of viruses and bacteria. It has 4 stages of filtration:       

  1. Particulate Filter: Fine micro-fiber mash that removes visible dirt and impurities
  2. Sediment Filter: High density micro-fiber mesh that filters dissolved impurities not visible to the eye.
  3. Carbon Block: Removes bad taste, colour, smell and chemical impurities.
  4. Contact Disinfectant Technology: Kills bacteria, viruses and cysts.

The cartridge responsible for the filtration can filter at least 4,000ltrs of water until it needs replacement.

2. Ramtons RM/313-Forbes 1500 Liters Water Purifier-White & Blue

Ramtons in partnership with Eureka Forbes have once again innovated a state of the art water filtration dispenser that is elegant, kills 99% of bacteria and viruses through its 3 stage filtration process and Germ Magnet© Technology, doesn’t use electricity ,  1,500L water purification with per cartridge, 3 stage purification system all that ensure clean, quality water in seconds!

3. Nunix Water Purifier With Dispensing Tap - 20 Litres - White

This beautiful water dispenser by Nunix is one of a kind with a 7 stage filtration system which collectively remove rust, dissolved iron, excess chlorine, organic compounds, improves the water taste and smell of water. It’s cost effective compared to the other water purification dispensers mentioned here.


4. Dayliff Unique Water Purifier - White

Ramtons RM/576 - Hot & Normal Water Dispenser + Stand - SilverDavis & Shirtliff renowned leaders in Water and energy solutions have furnished us with this simple and effective water filtration dispenser. This model comes with a 5 stage cartridge that ensures great taste, good odour and 99% virus and bacteria free. The unit is cost effective, doesn’t use electricity and easy to set up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How often should I change my cartridge?

It depends on the model of the dispenser. Some should be changed after filtering up to 4,000ltrs while others 1,500L be sure to consult your product manual.

2. Does a water purification dispenser require electricity?

 No. After initial setup just place it on a table top and you’re good to go.

3. Can I put hot water inside the dispenser?

 No. It’s advisable to use room temperature or cold water.


Water filters are essential to our daily lives especially for us Kenyans who don’t trust the purity of the water that pours out of our taps. 

These water filter dispensers that come with different stages of water purification that are responsible for removing metals, sediments accumulated in the pipes the water flows through, bacteria, viruses, bad colour and odours do a vital job to ensure our water is 99% safe for consumption. 

Besides, these water filter dispensers help protect the environment by dramatically reducing the amount of plastic waste that we dispose.

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