3 Best Water Dispensers with a Fridge 2020 | Reviews and Guide

Water dispensers with a refrigerator have become a convenience especially in our offices where we would like a small refrigerator to keep our drinks, snacks and even food chilled.

These dispensers kill two birds with one stone and are wildly convenient not to mention the cost saving.

Ok, here goes the best dispensers with a fridge in the Kenyan market:

1. Ramtons RM/357- Hot & Cold Water Dispenser + Fridge – Silver

Ramtons RM/357- Hot & Cold Water Dispenser + Fridge – Silver Price:  Ksh. 18, 700 The Ramtons RM/357 hot & cold water dispenser + fridge is a top loading, top of the line, elegant dispenser. This unit has both hot, normal and cold water with automatic temperature control to switch off the power when the water has got hot or cold. It comes with one nozzle which is narrow and stylish to fit even the narrowest water bottle mouths. The taps although not touch free are modern and easy to use. The fridge is spacious with two compartments that can easily fit your drinks and snacks. It’s also designed to be easy to clean with just a cloth or kitchen sponge. On the left side of this Ramtons water dispenser is a compartment that adds to its elegance, used for storing plastic cups for drinking. This makes it ideal for office environments where there is a constant need for cups and usually nowhere to place them. This model ensures stability and security for the unit and for all its users by containing a lever on the top right corner that can be screwed or drilled to the wall for holding it in place.

2. Bruhm BWD HNC 1196R Water Dispenser With Fridge

Bruhm has over the years built a reputable name in the appliance market.

It’s in over 11 African countries and continues to live up to its reputation.

With this model, which comes in either black or gold, is a hot, normal or cold water dispenser with sleek piano buttons as taps, yes, that’s right piano buttons which you push to use.

Additionally, it’s designed with low noise technology to avoid unnecessary distractions when working or when at home with the family.

  The model is equipped with stainless steel tanks to retain water quality always and an anti-overflow design.

The fridge is 16L which is a substantial size for your daily needs. It has two compartments that can fit all your drinks and snacks well.

It has the best price of the three with a 1 year guarantee to go with it.

3. Ramtons RM/431 - Water Dispenser + Fridge -Silver. thing we have discovered is Ramtons are very good with dispensers. From the simple, unsophisticated products that just work to top of the line dispensers with world class features accompanied by beautiful stylish designs that double up as décor in any environment.

This model has hot, normal, warm and cold water function. The four LED lights at the top of the taps are to guide you: the first on the left is the power indicator when you’ve plugged it in and switched on the power, the second is the heating indicator when the water becomes hot, the third warm/normal and the fourth is the cold indicator.

The fridge has two compartments and an extra one at the top to keep your drinks nice and chilled.

5 ways to make your Water Dispenser Last Longer.

  1. Switch off the power when not using it this helps your compressor last longer.
  2. Never turn on the heating switch when there is no water.
  3. Do not turn on and off the “cooling” switch within three minutes to protect the compressor.
  4. Never use detergent or chemicals harmful to health to clean the water tanks.
  5. Wipe the front and back of the product with water-soaked soft cloth or kitchen sponge.

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