11 Best Fridges in Kenya 2023 | Buyers Guide

A fridge is one of the most expensive and important appliance we can have in our home.

If you follow our beginners guide to buying a fridge and choose one of the fridges mentioned here in this review, your choice should last you upwards of 15 years.

Once you’ve made your choice, go ahead and read our guide on how to always keep your fridge sparkling clean.

Fridges come in different types: single door fridge, double door fridge, French door fridge, side by side fridge, bottom freezer refrigerator.

1.Bruhm BRD225 - Double Door Refrigerator - 8.0 Cu.Ft - 210 Litres

Bruhm BRD225 - Double Door Refrigerator - 8.0 Cu.Ft - 210 Litres - Metallic BlueThis bruhm fridge comes in a beautiful metallic blue finish that will sure stand out and make your kitchen complete.

The fridge has door handles which makes it easy to open and close the fridge compared to repressed handles.

With this model, Bruhm have once again outdone themselves. The fridge comes with 3 adjustable shelves and a thermostat to regulate the temperature throughout the refrigerator.

It has a huge vegetable box for those of us who care a lot about their healthy greens and fruits. On the door, there are three racks although smaller than usual.

The fridge is energy efficient with moderate noise.

2. Ramtons RF/173, 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge, 128 Litres

Ramtons RF/173, 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge, 128 Litres - SilverRamtons whose vision is making lives in the home and kitchen easier through innovative products, ample availability and strong support.

This particular model has a capacity of 128L and comes in a stylish silver/white colour.

Inside, it comes with three adjustable shelves that you can move appropriately depending on your storage needs. The shelves are of clear plastic making it easy to clean especially when spills occur.

The door racks are sufficient for all your bottle needs, plastic containers and has a plastic egg tray on the top door rack shelf.

This model has interior light for proper vision when searching for food items or arranging them. Nothing is hidden from sight in there.

The freezer has duo compartments with a single door rack and is sufficient for your freezing needs.

The compressor and coils at the back are concealed to avoid dust e.t.c from interfering which is a sign of durability.

It measures 129.5 cm X 46.5 cm X 55cm (H x W x L)

3. Nexus NX-228K Refrigerator - 212L

Nexus NX-228K Refrigerator - 212L- SilverNexus takes pride in putting your needs first, including your sense of style and budget. It has been a critical component, and is key to making them the leading choice for household appliances.

With this model, Nexus have truly outdone themselves. This fridge is elegant, colourful and comes in a nice silver finish.

Although the freezer is a bit small for this size of refrigerator it has been compensated with quite a large fridge section. The fridge has 3 adjustable shelves and a smaller than usual vegetable box. This leaves a huge amount of storage space for the refrigerator.

The four door racks are colourful and stylish with the bottom rack being the largest. This provides ample space for your to go items such as tomato sauce, milk, eggs, cheese, plastic soda e.t.c

4. Bruhm BRD 348F - Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator 330L

Bruhm BRD 348F - Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator 330L - SilverThis elegant stainless steel Bruhm fridge is a one of its kind. The fridge is 330L in capacity which is ideal for a family or office of up to 8 people.

The freezer has two compartments and an attached ice cube tray compartment.

The door of the freezer has two racks ideal for storage of nuts or beer not items such as ice cream since the freezer door is the warmest place in the freezer.

The fridge has automatic lighting when you open the door this ensures nothing gets lost inside there no matter the time of day.

The vegetable is huge and convenient to easily store your fresh veggies and fruits.

The door racks are the most convenient compared to others in this review. The racks are divided in such a way to categorize the same items together different from other items.

For example, milk and ketchup are kept in different compartments to avoid messy spillage.

5. Ramtons RF/268 - 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge - 207L – Silver

Ramtons RF/268 - 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge - 207L - SilverThis is a top of the line, stylish, dream come true refrigerator. The silver finish allows it to stand out in your kitchen or office and doubles up as room décor.

It has beautiful handles that make it easier to access your fridge instead of always struggling to open it.

The unit boosts a solid 207L capacity ideal for a family of 4 – 5 people.

Inside, the fridge has a nice white finish which is easy to clean including the glass shelves.

It’s equipped with a thermostat for temperature regulation that would vary from time to time.

The door has 3 racks although there is a waste of space due to having enough unused space to have 4-5 racks.

6. VON VART-18DMS Double Door Fridge - 138L - Stainless Steel

VON VART-18DMS Double Door Fridge - 138L - Stainless SteelHotpoint is a reliable brand best known for its innovativeness, style and a grasp of consumer needs. The width, height and depth are 47.4cm x 128.2cm x 49.8cm respectively.

Always be sure to leave room(5 cm will do) at the sides and back of the fridge to allow for ventilation. This 138L fridge with a recessed handle has ample space at the bottom and top of the fridge for all your needs.

One unique feature of this fridge is its tropicalized compressor that quickly cools the air even in extremely hot climates and is about 23% faster in cooling than the traditional reciprocating compressor.

7. Mika MRNF265XDM Double Door Refrigerator - 251L - Dark Matt

Mika MRNF265XDM Double Door Refrigerator - 251L - Dark MattIf you’re looking for true value for your hard earned money, if you not only want a fridge that is high quality and durable but also increases the ambience of your kitchen or office, this is for you.

Besides the alluring and unique dark matt finish, this fridge comes with an in-built deodorizer that gets rid of bad odours.

Always remember to clean your deodorizer around once or twice a year by removing it and soaking in warm water for at least four hours then allow it to dry completely in a well ventilated area for at least 8 hours.
This 251L unit has ample space in the freezer, fridge and the vegetable box with door racks on the freezer door and fridge door to easily cater to a family of 4-6 members.
Mika has implemented valuable customer feedback by investing in low noise compressor technology that offers you the peace of mind you yearn for.

8. VON VART-18DMY, Double Door Fridge, 138L – Silver

VON VART-18DMY, Double Door Fridge, 138L - SilverVON are well known for their thoughtful designs, this 138L fridge is no exception. It boasts a silver finish standing at 128.2 cm long.

One of its unique technologies is the thick thermal insulation that allows for fast cooling and retention thus high efficiency and money savings on electricity.

The freezer boasts two compartments and an ice tray while the fridge has two toughened glass shelves for durability and easy cleaning especially in the case of spills.

At the bottom is a large capacity vegetable box that is easily invertible and retractable which would be ample for vegetables and fruits for a family of 4-5 members.

9. Ramtons RF/171 - 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge - 128 Litres

Ramtons RF/171 - 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge - 128 Litres - Mar SilverAt this day and age we all want to play a part in conserving our environment for future generations.

This fridge does just that although a little bit pricey for its capacity, the unit is great at conserving energy.

At the back, the coils which need to be regularly vacuumed to rid them of dust, pet furs etc are concealed to protect them and the compressor this in turn makes the fridge last longer.

It has a unique silver finish which will look right at home in your kitchen. It has transparent door racks that usually appear classy especially if kept clean, accompanied by two shelves and an ample vegetable box.

10. Ramtons RF/257- 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge - 213 Litres

Ramtons RF/257- 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge - 213 Litres - Titan SilverThe titan silver as the name suggests is a beautifully designed appliance for the dreamer that has been saving up for a dream fridge.

This particular model is well known for its ultra low noise for those who treasure a peace of mind.

The 213L is huge and boasts three shelves instead of your usual two. This is sufficient space for your varying storage needs. The short transparent four door shelves are more than enough for your condiments.

The fridge is direct cool meaning you have to defrost manually from time to time.

11. Samsung RB33N4020S8 Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator

Samsung RB33N4020S8 Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator - SilverIf you’re looking for a top tier fridge that says nothing but “I’ve made it in life” this is the one.

The Samsung appliance is the epitome of contemporary fridges.

Equipped with features such as the Optimal Fresh Zone at one of the bottom drawers, the fridge is designed to make meat and fish last and stay fresh for twice longer than your normal fridge.

Accompanying its contemporary, state-of-the-art design, the freezer is located at the bottom while the fridge is at the top, this provides eye level access to the fridge compared to always bending down with two door fridges.

When you’ve made it in life you care about the environment, the digital inverter technology  that comes with this beauty allows the compressor to be controlled so that it starts slowly, increases its speed and once the desired temperature is reached, it can slow down to maintain the desired temperature rather than turning completely off. This saves huge amounts of energy.

In this guide, we have laid out all you need to know to purchase the best fridge you possibly can for your home.

Taking the time to go through the review and buying guides will save you a lot of headaches down the road and ensure value for your money. Thank you for trusting us!

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